Tennille Haddock

Tennille was both professional and personal in her approach to selling our property. She had a thorough understanding of the market and potential buyers and her guidance both in relation to preparing the home for sale and the sale process was first class. I highly recommend engaging Tennille as an agent for buying or selling a property.

- Seller Jason Wrigley 16/4/24

Glen Power

Look no further, Glen’s your agent. He’ll give you an honest and fair appraisal. Keep you updated along the way. He’ll go hard on your behalf, in fact he’ll go above and beyond! Go with Glen. He’ll deliver.

- Seller Brian Carroll 29/03/2024

Rachel Power

Hard Working and Delightful! I am so happy to have chosen Rachel Power to be my real estate agent. Rachel has exceptional knowledge and insight of the local market and was able to sell my house in a matter of weeks for the price I wanted. Right from our very first meeting, Rachel was easy to work with and was an excellent communicator, always keeping me up to date with how things were progressing. She was very creative and made a humorous video that highlighted my property and its features. Rachel guided me through the process of selling and kept me in the loop so it wasn’t stressful. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to sell their house!

- Kathleen Brown 12/04/2024

Sharon Lampert

Sensational Real Estate Agent. Sharon was willing to listen to our needs. I originally reached out while still on maternity leave. We discussed what may or may not suit my family. We have always wanted to live in the mountains and Sharon has now made that dream a reality. We looked at a few homes which were on Chapman’s VIP listings. Sharon’s passion for real estate is very evident and she definitely likes to personalise what is great aspects you love of the house you are looking at purchasing with her.

- Erin Molly 19/03/2024

Sarah Watson

Fantastic, professional and reliable. I have been so pleased with the sale of my Glenbook home with Sarah from Chapman. Her expertise and knowledge made the sale of the property seamless and acheived desired outcomes for all. Her approach to the difficult and unusual circumstance remained professional throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend Sarah enough!

- Ethan Smith 17/03/2024

Sarah Watson

Local Agent. As a local, Sarah, has great knowledge of the Glenbrook market.

- David Jackson 17/12/2023

Sarah Watson

I chose Sarah to sell my property based on her exceptional knowledge of the local market and the success of her previous sales strategies. She was always honest and straight with us about how the market was and advised us of a realistic price upfront without any misleading information at all. The sales process was completely managed by Sarah, but also provided exposure to the entire Chapman network which was superb. I would highly recommend Sarah and the team at Chapmans to anyone looking to sell their property anywhere in the mountains area.

- Adam Ingleton 14/12/2023