Tahlia Lawson

Property Manager Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Tahlia

Originating from the Blue Mountains, I bring with me an innate understanding of this remarkable region, positioning me as an adept real estate property manager. My background in various team sports not only underscores my collaborative spirit but also reinforces my ability to engage effectively with diverse groups of people – an invaluable trait in this industry.

My enthusiasm for forging new connections is palpable – each interaction presents an opportunity to create lasting impressions and cultivate meaningful relationships. Once completing my Schooling locally, I started my professional journey with Chapman Real Estate immediately, allowing me to garner substantial experience across all aspects of the real estate business giving me a much broader knowledge than most in the industry.

The allure of houses has held an enduring fascination for me, and I recognised early on that my true calling lay within the realm of real estate.

As I continue to refine my expertise and broaden my horizons, my commitment remains unwavering – to uphold the highest standards in property management and to contribute positively to both the industry and the community I proudly serve.